Feng Shui Home Consultation
Enhance your love life, career, wealth and health.

Everything from the floor plan, colors, arrangement of rooms, furnishings and more affect the health and prosperity of your and your family.

In your Feng Shui Home Consultation, you will discover the good things in your home and enhance them and receive effective and practical cures for energetic areas that challenge you. The consultation you experience is tailored specifically to your needs and desires.

Feng Shui Business Consultation
The location, siting, positioning of your business and its surrounding environment can make or break your company.The flow of money is affected by many environmental factors. Knowledge is power and knowing how to tune your space to help your grow will give you increased power and effectiveness.

Together, we will assess your business energetically and create solutions to increase sales, balance personnel issues and increase overall profitability. All solutions will be economical and feasible to implement, tailored to your specific situation.

“I want to let you know how I'm doing since starting our consulting in June.The office is really coming together. We have replaced a staff member who caused turmoil and hired a new specialist and an assistant. This has raised the energy of the office and everyone really enjoys coming to work. We are getting a lot more positive responses from our customers about the office.

"You also helped me set goals for increasing my personal net worth in the next 18 months. The goals seemed like a stretch and I was planning on starting two businesses to help achieve them. Four months later, my personal net worth has exploded and surpassed the 18 months goals without starting the new businesses!

"Other areas of my life seem to be improving by leaps and bounds too. I can’t thank you enough.”

––B.T., Business Owner, Feng Shui Client, Missouri

Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony
Experience the power of a Feng Shui ceremony to clear and upgrade the energy of your home or office.